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Calcot facilities
Warehousing Facilities

Calcot's warehousing plants cover four states with five locations: two in the San Joaquin Valley at Hanford and Bakersfield; one in Glendale, Arizona, a suburb west of Phoenix; one in New Mexico in Las Cruces; and one in Fabens, Texas.

Currently, however, the Hanford, Calif., facility, is being leased for storage of other agricultural products and is not storing cotton. The Fabens, Texas, facility is idled and the property is being marketed. The Las Cruces, NM, complex is also idle and potential uses for the property are being identified.

Each warehouse--there are 166 of them combined--is about 38,000 square feet, about four-fifths of an acre, under roof. Each warehouse can store about 8,000 universal density bales, the U.S. standard bale.

Calcot arranges both in-bound and out-bound shipping of bales, generally via flatbed truck on in-bound, and direct container loading for out-bound.

Arrangements can be made for shipping via truck from our plants to railyard or direct to major West Coast ports. Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are less than three hours by road from Bakersfield, less than five hours from Hanford and a day's drive from Glendale and only a couple of days from New Mexico. The New Mexico and Texas plants are also well positioned to ship cotton via the Gulf of Mexico.

San Francisco-Oakland is similarly accessible.

Calcot's warehousing locations, proximity to ports, and ownership of facilities mean Calcot has full control over shipping schedules, loading and delivery. That means greater returns for the grower-owners of the cooperative, and better service to cotton buyers.

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