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The Foundation
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C-Seitz History
The History of the Calcot-Seitz Foundation
Upon his retirement in 1977, Calcot President G.L. “Sam” Seitz realized that after a lifetime of working in California and Arizona agriculture, he wanted to do something special for the industry. “I wanted to make a contribution not only to the welfare of Calcot, but also to agriculture in general,” Seitz said of his idea.

After careful consideration, Seitz determined that the best way to make a contribution was to help ensure the future of agriculture. A former ag educator, Seitz set out to create an agricultural scholarship program that would assist students interested in working in agriculture and generate future agricultural business leaders and professionals.

The Foundation was formally established in 1979 with a $10,000 personal donation from Seitz, which doubled with a match by Calcot’s Board of Directors. Over the years many individuals and businesses have contributed to the scholarship, including a Gin Manager Memorial and other special contributors.

Seitz served as Calcot president from 1971 To 1977 and died in 2002. His wonderful legacy of the Calcot-Seitz Scholarship, however, lives on, continuing his vision of helping to improve the future of agriculture by assisting students in their agricultural education pursuits.

G.L. "Sam" Seitz, founder
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