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2017 Scholarship Application Forms
2018 Scholarship Application
Again this year, we are making interactive application forms available to students on the Calcot website. They are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, which means you'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader program to view and print them, as well as fill them out. You can fill them out on your screen and then print them out, ready for mailing. Or you can just print them out and fill them out manually with a typewriter...the choice is up to you.

But first things first: you'll need Acrobat Reader (and we recommend at least version 7.0; the current version is Adobe Reader DC). You can get that from Adobe by clicking this link, or the Adobe Acrobat icon to the right. Either one will take you there.

Once you've got Acrobat installed, you'll need to download the forms. There are six pages to the form, and you'll need three copies of the Recommendation form. It's a separate file that you can e-mail to people and it too is interactive (the recipient can fill it out online and print it out for mailing). The main form file is here. The recommendation form is here.

We recommend you download the files to your computer for completion. Depending upon your browser, the procedure varies, but it usually involves a right click with your mouse, and then a command such as 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' to save the PDF to your computer.

As you navigate around the form, be sure to use the TAB key, not the Enter key. It will automatically tab you around the document, from field to field. Obviously there are a couple of places (like a signature, for example) where you'll have to sign the finished printed out copy.

As you type on the document, it will automatically accept your typing. Some of the information will format itself (typing a phone number, for example...type 3275961 and it will pop up as 327-5961). If you make a mistake, just click the text and type it again. To easily move forward to the next field, use the TAB key. To go backwards from where you are, hold down Shift and TAB.

IMPORTANT! When you close the PDF file, all your information will be lost and the form will be reset! So be sure to print your file before you close the document, or you'll have to do it over!

Any questions, feel free to email us at Good luck, and don't forget the March 31 deadline!

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