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Amcot Partners
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Amcot's four partnerships
Amcot Partners
Amcot is comprised of the U.S.'s four major cotton cooperatives: Calcot Ltd., Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA), Cotton Growers Cooperative and Staple Cotton Cooperative Association (Staplcotn).

Calcot Ltd.

One of the larger exporting handlers of U.S. cotton, Calcot Ltd., annually markets as many as one million bales of cotton to mill customers in the U.S, and over 30 foreign countries. Calcot’s worldwide reputation for outstanding service to growers and customers began when the company was formed in 1927 and is based on merchandising the highest quality cottons, including the San Joaquin Valley's premium Acala cotton, upland varieties from the desert regions of Southern California , New Mexico and Arizona and the extra-long staple American Pima.

Owned by 1,200 grower members -- cotton growers scattered across California, Arizona, New Mexico, plus cotton producers in Far West and South Texas -- Calcot is recognized internationally as an innovative leader in cotton shipping and marketing. Through the years, Calcot has developed a close relationship with cotton gins that produce and package the bales and has utilized highly efficient methods of packaging, tracking and transporting cotton domestically and overseas.

A strong commitment to its grower members is the backbone of Calcot’s success.

By bringing production together, employing experienced people to sell cotton at full market value and keeping customers satisfied with the highest standards in product and services, Calcot sets the standard for grower-owned cotton marketing in the Far West and continues to be recognized as a world leader in cutting-edge cotton handling and marketing.

Plains Cotton Cooperative Association

Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA) has built its reputation as an innovative cotton marketer in the southwest U.S. PCCA annually markets over 1.5 million bales of cotton on behalf of its 25,000 Texas and Oklahoma members.

PCCA serves domestic and international textile mills as well as the merchant trade. Cotton marketed by PCCA ranges from the shorter staples of the Texas High Plains to the longer varieties grown in the Rio Grande Valley and southwest Oklahoma.

PCCA pioneered the electronic marketing system known as “TELCOT” which is available to members through cooperative gins. TELCOT connects cotton producers with over 50 major U.S. buyers. Producers can constantly monitor market factors and make informed decisions.

Warehousing, efficient tracking systems and a manufacturing division with a mill in Littlefield, Texas all continue PCCA’s tradition of first-rate service to customers and members.

Cotton Growers Cooperative

Cotton Growers Cooperative represents cotton producers in the states of North and South Carolina, Virginia and a few in Alabama and Georgia.

The nation's second oldest cotton marketing co-op, Cotton Growers dates from 1922 and is today headquartered in Garner, North Carolina. Average production marketed is about 650,000 bales--much of it to U.S. mills in fairly close proximity--and membership of about 1,800 growers.


Staple Cotton Cooperative Association (STAPLCOTN) is located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta region, is the oldest U.S. cotton marketing cooperative. Organized in 1921, STAPLCOTN serves growers in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Tennessee.

As part of its effort to market quality Mid-South cotton, STAPLCOTN offers its popular Mills Sales Program which eliminates unnecessary, costly steps between textile mills and grower-members. Through this merchandising effort, mills are assured of swift and reliable response to their raw cotton needs. This cost savings is passed on to the 2,500 grower-members of STAPLCOTN, helping them remain competitive.

In 1965 STAPLCOTN built its first 145,000 bale cotton warehouse in Greenwood. The plant has been enlarged to a 375,000 bale facility and plants have been acquired in other areas for a total storage capacity of 575,000 bales.

Financing for crop production, equipment and land for members is also a service of STAPLCOTN. Along with its timely marketing approaches that benefit worldwide textile mills, STAPLCOTN continues to be a name of renown in the U.S. cotton industry.

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