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History of Amcot
Amcot's History
For many years, four of the largest U.S. cotton cooperatives -- Calcot Ltd., Plains Cotton Cooperative Association, Southwestern Irrigated Cotton Growers Association and Staplcotn -- sold cotton worldwide out of separate offices in numerous textile centers. In 1971 the four co-ops merged these offices into a single sales force, forming a "cooperative of cooperatives" and named it "Amcot."

The formation of Amcot offered centralized representation by Amcot staff while each member continued its individual merchandising by the home sales staff. Administratively Amcot provided a cost-sharing device by merging external sales offices.

However, as the operations of the U.S. cotton industry changed, so did Amcot. Perhaps the most key development in the change from a sales organization to a trade association occurred in 2006, when Calcot acquired the assets and membership of Southwestern Irrigated Cotton Growers (SWIG). That change, plus the declining volume of sales to U.S. textile mills, made it clear that perhaps America's cooperative cotton marketers would be better served by a rethinking of their association.

At a board meeting in February, 2007, the partners invited Cotton Growers Cooperative of North Carolina to join the association as it was being reformulated into a trade association. CGC agreed and Amcot now had a new mission: no longer would sales of cotton be the primary function, but instead, the overall industry position of the co-ops would instead be the principal focus.

Amcot today represents well over half the growers who produce the U.S. cotton crop, in everything from trade issues to government policy.

Former PCCA president Van May currently serves as chairman of Amcot. Prior chairmen include Tom W. Smith of Calcot, C.L. Boggs of PCCA, H.L. Hodges of Staplcotn, and the late Calcot presidents G.L. "Sam" Seitz and J. Russell Kennedy.

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